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Wills, Probate and LPA's

Its never too late to plan for the future, or if you have recently experienced a bereavement and would like some help guiding you through the probate process, please contact us on 01900 602235.


Expert guidance in the drafting and checking of Wills. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your wishes so that your Will accurately reflects that. If you die without a Will (Intestate) strict rules determine how your assets are distributed.


Consideration should be given to a number of factors when drafting a Will.
These include:

  • Marriages

  • Children

  • Inheritance tax

  • Living partners

Small amendments can be made to Wills; called Codicil’s, which are stored alongside your Will.




If you are asked to act as executor we can obtain the probate and administer the estate on your behalf and provide you with guidance as to how to carry out your duties.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Applications allowing attorneys to be appointed to manage your affairs. This appointment is made while you have capacity ready for when you no longer have capacity, if that happens.

To see an example of costs on a Probate matter please click here:

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